The Remodel – To remodel something means to make it better, through refinement or modification so that its highest quality, state and potential is attained.

This idea was originally born from a desire to help small business owners remodel their online presence to reflect and align with their brand reputation and identity.

How I Became a Behavioural Transformational Coach – Nine months ago, a very dear friend of mine introduced me to this group coaching program that was launching for the first time. Jess Allen, my friend, and I have always shared transformational resources with each other. We first met in 2018 at the Isha Yoga Center in India.

From experience we were both living witnesses of the potency of Isha Yoga practices and meditation. We longed to grow together and support each other on our life journey spiritually and otherwise. So, when Jess told me the coach was also an Isha meditator and her desire to have me in the program with her, I was very enthusiastic, but didn’t have the money because it was a high ticket.

My friend gave me the coach contact and I sent him a message expressing my desire to join his program. He gave me ideas on how I could raise the money for his fees, which I acted upon and got hired by my friend Jess Allen as her personal assistant on a retainer agreement – where a block of hours is paid upfront in a lump sum. Now this was the first time I have paid in the 4 figures for a coaching program. In fact, it was my first paid coaching program.

Prior to joining the group, I wrote down my goals and shared it with our coach personally and to the group. After the very first group session, I was disappointed because the session has only been on introduction and sharing inspiration. Apparently, I was the only one in the group who had clarity about my goal.

The others, including my friend, were not clear about what they wanted to create with this coaching program. So, each weekly session just drifted off into a sort of support group where everyone is sharing personal stories and inspirations.

In the third session I suggested the coach should be giving us weekly tasks directed towards our goals indicating that I wasn’t getting any feedback or action steps on how I should manifest my written goals and intent for joining the program.

I finally confessed to my friend that I was disappointed, and the coach isn’t helping me manifest my goals for which I have made a huge investment. She suggested I try a 1:1 session with him, but that didn’t help either. Before we knew it, we were co-coaching each other. I later knew we were his first paid clients and his guinea pigs.

Realising what has happened, I fired him as my coach to save my time since I have already lost such a huge investment that I still have to work for in the coming months.

Like my coach, I was not performing to Jess Allen’s expectations. She was doing my job because I wasn’t good at it. In honesty she said “Jess Devi, have you ever considered coaching? I think that’s what you’re truly good at. You helped me manifest a goal I’ve been dreaming and talking about for over a decade by giving me clarity with just one question.”

The truth is, I had no idea I was coaching my friend. I was just holding her accountable to take actions on our agreement. It was then I realised why my friends and relatives came to me when they had problems in their relationships and personal lives. I’ve been doing it all my life and getting results for people and myself, but never knew that was coaching.

With this new insight, I decided to design a proven system to help people who knew what they wanted, had the means and skills but were not able to achieve it for various reasons.

Implementing the discipline, support, tools and techniques to manifest my own goals by holding myself accountable, alongside those I have given to my friends in the past, I realised that discipline, accountability and massive action were the key.

Despite knowing what I wanted and how to get it, I have failed to act to manifest my goals out of overwhelm and distraction. Being accountable and taking the right action can boycott lack of resources and three among the four fundamental reasons that are holding most people back including limiting beliefs, fears, self-esteem or self-worth. Lack of knowledge, skills and tools should, therefore, be the only obstacle in manifesting your goals.

Discipline, accountability and right action to manifest your goals require a conscious effort. With me as your coach, you will not have the indulgence to pity yourself into your old patterns of unconscious thinking and doing, if you’re present and acting with awareness.

Your mind and focus can only be in one place at a time. Consistent right massive action will give you feedback on your progress – this along with your accountability partner should be your main motivation to continue this trend.

Most intelligent and capable people are too overwhelmed with information, not able to set their priorities right. They are often distracted by trivial things like their cell phone; therefore, they have no time, even for the most important things in their lives. As a result, they neither act nor have the motivation to do so.


An image of Jess Devi


Breaking the Inertia of Inaction doesn’t promise to find or give you your life purpose, but rather identify what’s most important to you in the time being and how to achieve it. This is done using a personalised action steps agenda and accountability support.


I would love to help you remodel your life.  A great way to see if I can help you is to schedule a decide what you pay coaching session with me.  We can focus on a specific area of your life that you’d like to remodel right away; or an area where you know you are stuck and want to break the inertia of inaction.