Breaking the inertia of negative intelligence & inaction

is an action oriented

coaching program, designed around THE MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, & behavioural change model for transformation.


Jess Devi - The Remodel

No more wishing – it is time to create and manifest with the right intent & action ~ Jess Devi

Hello Goddess, I love working with women to help them realize the full potential of the goddess within.  When you harness / connect with your full goddess energy, you will break through the inertia that has been holding you back from achieving all that you desire.  Some of the specific ways I love to help:

  • Coaching conversations to help you gain clarity, identify where you are stuck and end the feeling of being lost without direction.
  • Being a spotlight to identify the words, actions and thoughts that are dragging you down and destroying your relationships; then being a mirror (and a reminder) that shows you the power you already have within to rebuild in ways that support the harmonious relationships you desire. 
  • Being an accountability partner that won’t let you stay stuck and will inspire you to consistently break your inertia of negative intelligence and inaction.

If you would find any of these things helpful to your life, a great way to see if I can help you is to schedule a decide what you pay coaching session with me.  We can focus on a specific area of your life that you’d like to remodel right away; or an area where you know you are stuck and want to break the inertia of negative intelligence and inaction.

It’s a great way to experience what it’s like to receive coaching from me and if it’s not helpful, you are under no obligation to pay anything.

Also if we feel working together for a longer term would be a good fit, we can talk about that as well.  The first step is let’s have a session together and see if we are a good fit for each other. 

Your breakthrough and transformation is my priority.

Pay what you can or pay nothing, and be among my first clients to leave me a review – here on my website or to your friends and family.