More to owning a website when launched live, is the maintenance that keeps it alive and functional, with content that gets you the result for your investment. What type of website have you? What’s its purpose (why did you develop it)? Is your landing page designed to meet or fulfill that goal? For instance, if your goal is to increase your mailing list, then your landing page should have no elaborate design or texts, but a very simple page with a hook message and just an email opt-in form. For your website, ask yourself the following questions:


Do the design and layout tickle your imagination, do you want to know more immediately when you see it?


Is the content updated, organised, and laid out to help users digest them coherently, or is it outdated with the last update dated in 2019 or older?


Is the menu on the page well arranged/placed? How about the general navigation?


Might it be a good idea to put up a hero section (what do you mean by that?) for a clearly concept to the site primary purpose?


Does the consistency of the typeface and fonts lead the reader to where you want s/he or does it cause distraction when reading?


Can the texts be conveniently read at a distance or do visitors have to zoom in and out especially when on mobile?


Do you have a brand colour scheme for recognition and if so, is it used in such a way that it works?


Do you have a logo that distinguishes you from your competition? If yes, does it effectively reflect your company’s reputation?


Does your brand have a professional email for added credibility or is it using a free Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft email which makes your customers question your professionalism?


Is your landing page secure and encrypted for security and credibility or does it give the “Not-Secure Warning” the minute visitors land on it? Note: If you’re collecting payment info on your site, it’s very unlikely anyone will submit their credit card details on a site that is not secure.


Is your site responsive? (mobile friendly) Responsive designs improve the way your landing page looks on all internet devices including small screens. Studies have shown that responsive designs increase the number of time visitors spends on your site. Moreover, global statistics indicate that over 50% of all internet traffic is attributed to mobile devices/smartphones.


Most of it, does the impression of your website align and reflect the identity and reputation of your brand, especially if you are a renowned firm that has been in service for quite a while?


Considering the checklist, does your website needs a remodel? If yes, please

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